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Polynesian Association of Alaska is often recognized in the media. Here are summaries of our latest accomplishments.

PAOA 1ST Polynesian Youth Poly Club Festival in Colaboration with Anchorage School District High Schools, West, Dimond, Bartlett  & East. It was well attended and support by parents and Poly club students. This is a beginning of the culture Learning program. Post Festival & Follow through with tutoring in the basics reading, math, writing including the simple, cultural, gestures of respect. This festival was held at Wendler Middle School at no charge to the public, host and sponsored by PAOA, performances by ASD Poly Clubs.



Te Vaka in Anchorage, UAA Multicultural Center and the Polynesian Association of Alaska in welcoming Te Vaka to Alaska. Te Vaka is a unique group of ten musicians and dancers from Tokelau, Tuvalu, Samoa, Cook Islands and New Zealand brought together under the inspired leadership of Opetaia Foa'i, one of New Zealand's finest songwriters. Te Vaka has been wowing international audiences with upbeat, positive music since 1997, presenting a rich, luscious mix of Polynesia's ancient culture to the modern world. They were named "Best Pacific music group in the world" by the BBC

2010, Catholic Social Services Awarded Polynesian Association of Alaska and other Non Profit Organization under the Emerging Communities Project.

Catholic Social Service’s Refugee Assistance & Immigration Services (RAIS) program awarded grants to Anchorage-based groups that serve emerging communities. The subcommittee awarded $64,000  to six organizations that participate in the Emerging Communities Projec. Funding for this project came from the Compassion Capital Fund Demonstration Program, which is administered by the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services.

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2009, (Lucy Hansen) president of PAOA Participated in Exploring the city’s diverse cultures, languages and stories, The Northern Light is beginning a six part series of web videos: “Cultures of Anchorage.” Part one and two on TheNorthernLight.org feature speeches by Yupik Community Leader Quinten Simeon and president of the Polynesian Association of Alaska, Lucy Hansen.


In the wake of the four-wave Tsunami, triggered by an 8.0-magnitude quake, which struck the Samoan islands and Tonga on Sept. 29 the Polynesian community in Anchorage is responding with grief and action.

164 people are currently reported dead including 31 in the U.S. possession American Samoa.

At an emergency meeting of the Polynesian community on Thursday, Sept. 30 at the Northway Mall, Lucy Hansen, President of the Polynesian Association of Alaska, described the difficulty many people are having in reaching their family members.



PAOA Members with Anchorage Mayor Sullivan at the mayors Dibversity Dinner,


PAOA was nominated to receieved the Award for Community Service of the year. Presented at the Mayors Diversity Dinner.


2006, Polynesian Board members (Lucy Hansen & Minchie Masina) graduated from the 2006-1 Community Police Academy class.


2006  (LUCY HANSEN) PAOA President Governor appointed Faith Base Board Advisory Member. PAOA working closely with  Faith Base and Community. our Mission was to improve the well being of Alaskans by strengthening and expanding the contribution of faith-based and community initiatives. 9Fostering partnerships), Building Capacity), Expanding Awareness).

2005,  PAOA working with  Boys & Girls for the Red Ribbon Week in Alaska. Alaska Red Ribbon Coalition from Left to Right - Sgt William Hall - Alaska National Guard, Noami Sweetman – DARE, Maj. Jane Lowery - Alaska National Guard, DEA ASAC Harvey Goehring, Carol Comeau - Superintendent Anchorage School Disrict, Timothy M. Burgess - US Attorney / District of Alaska, Capt Edward Harrington - Alaska State Troopers, Natasha Manion - Boys and Girls Club of Alaska, Ruth Schoenleben - NineStar Enterprises, Lucy Hansen - Polynesian Association of Alaska, Noelle Hardt - Boys and Girls Club of Alaska


ANCHORAGE - Anchorage city leaders met with members of the Polynesian community to hammer out plans to calm gun violence among youths in the city.The three-hour meeting Friday was attended by Mayor Mark Begich, Samoan leaders, and members of the Anchorage School District and the Anchorage Police Department.

"I recognize there are some differences among the leadership, (but) this is a bigger issue," Begich told close to two dozen Samoan chiefs and spiritual leaders gathered in a conference room at City Hall. "Crime like this can spread like a cancer." The meeting coincided with the release of a report by the city's Community Youth Violence Gang Response Team, which has been studying the problem since last year.


First Year of the Polynesian Saturday School. Polynesian Association of Alaska partner up with Anchorage School District under the Title I program, to provide a Polynesian Saturday School for our students to learn their Polynesian cultural, history but also to assist our students with math, reading and writing for 8 weeks. A total of 18 certified Anchorage School Teachers were participated in this program, and 11 local elementary and middle schools that are eligible under Title I program that qualify their students to participated at no cost to the parents. 11 community members from the Polynesian Association of Alaska volunteered to provide curriculum for the culture and history for teachers and students. About 100 to 120 students registered and attend the program.ASD provided transportation, PAOA provided nutrition lunch with the help from Beans Café