Hello, Talofa, Aloha, Malo Elelei, Pula Vinaka, Iorana, Kiora,



We are
 Polynesia in Alaska


Polynesian Association of Alaska, Inc. 8060 Country Woods Dr Anchorage, AK 99502 (907)250-4142
email: paoa@polynesianassocofalaska.com
Facebook: polynesianassocofalaska


Polynesian Community Volunteer around the City of Anchorage through Partnership and Colaboration with different Organization and Department. Giving back to the community is what Polynesian Association provide to service our diverse community in Alaska.

2015 Volunteer Services





 PAOA partnership with   
 UAA Multiculture Depart.   Host a  Community Dinner       for TeVaka 

 Polynesian Community Dimond
Ward, partnership with Anchorage Parks & Recs through PAOA to Purification of Minnesota Park

 PAOA partnership with
Anchorage Downtown Partnership celebrating HawaiiState Hood. 

PAOA partnership with Anch  Police Navidad celebrating Christmas around the world in

PAOA, Collaboration and Partnership with Bridge Builders of Anchorage @ Meet the World in Anch. 

PAOA provide services to feed Elders and Veterans of WWII at Fall Feast


 PAOA celebrating Asian American Pacific Islanders Month at Fort Richardson AK


PAOA partnership with Food Bank of Ak and other Organization at Thanksgiving Project. at South Anchorage

PAOA Collaboration with Boys & Girls Club and United Way of Anchorage to Feed the community at Fall Feast Event in Muldoon.