Hello, Talofa, Aloha, Malo Elelei, Pula Vinaka, Iorana, Kiora,



We are
 Polynesia in Alaska


Polynesian Association of Alaska, Inc. 8060 Country Woods Dr Anchorage, AK 99502 (907)250-4142
email: paoa@polynesianassocofalaska.com
Facebook: polynesianassocofalaska


8TH ANNUAL POLYNESIAN CULTURE FLAG DAY @ Anchorage Downtown Park Strip June 29, 2013. Thank you and fa'afetai to all of our Dance Groups, from LMS Alaska II, Bishop Filoialii & Northern Lights LDS Youth, Bishop Tafao & YSA group, Tongan Community church & Youth Dance Group, Hula Hui Na Aumana O Alaka, Xochiquetzal-Tiqun Mexican Folkloric Dance, Lepquinm Gumiligit Gagoadim Tsimshian Dancers AK Native, Filipino Community of Anchorage,  our Vendors and Sponsors, Tasty Funnel Cakes, Aloha Cafe, Ono Grindz, Simor Lange, IT Works, Afa's kalua, Wold Adventures Club, UAF/4-H Cooperative, 4 Loving Care PCA, AERC, Mekong & AK Pho Restaurant, Pacific Islander Center, Anch. Downtown Parking Authority, Mountain View Lions Club, Chopsticks Cafe, Sheraton Hotel & Ice Spa, H2Oasis, Ak Railroad, Walgreens, WalMark, KNBA 90.3, Dollar Zone, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Alaska, Anch. Mission & Missionaries, Insulate Alaska LLC, AK Military Youth Academy, MAHE for the Soul, PCC & AK Pride. Partners:Bridge Builders of Anchorage, Anch. Police community Task Force, June Teenth, OPAG, Anchorage Polynesian LIons Club, Lions Club International, Family Partnerships, Downtown Anchorage Partnership, ASD, Ak Native Cultural Charter School, Bak to Work Network, VFW, United Way of Anchorage, Catholic Social Services, McLaughlin Youth Center, University of AK, Fairbanks & Anchorage, Anch. Economic Development Corporation, Pacific Islanders Center, Anch. Park Foundation, Mt. View Lions Club and OPAG.