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 Polynesia in Alaska


Polynesian Association of Alaska, Inc. 8060 Country Woods Dr Anchorage, AK 99502 (907)250-4142
email: paoa@polynesianassocofalaska.com
Facebook: polynesianassocofalaska


We moved to Northway Mall. Please visit us at Northway Mall Pendland Park @ the Pacific Bloom location.



At Polynesian Association of Alaska we want to welcome you to visit with us today. Polynesian Association of Alaska also known as (PAOA), pride ourselves to teach and provide our Polynesian cultural and history to our diverse community wellbeing. We believe by sharing common values and cultures, we can increase the opportunity of being a safer and a stronger nation.

Polynesian Community in Alaska is growing fast each year. An estimate of 6,000 or more Polynesian resides in Alaska, most of them live in Anchorage. Polynesian people are from the South Pacific Islands. Polynesia is the largest of three major cultural areas in the South Pacific Ocean. Polynesia is generally defined as the islands within the Polynesian triangle, Polynesian islands are: Samoa, Hawaii, Tahiti, Tonga, New Zealand, Maori, Fiji.

Samoan language is the 2nd larger language in the Anchorage School District. The Polynesian Association of Alaska work closely with various groups of Non-Profit Organizations in Anchorage. Such organization are: OPAG, Bridge Builders of Anchorage, Anchorage Parks and Recreation, Anchorage Downtown Partnership, AYEA, Anchorage Police Task Force, Anchorage Diversity, Family Partnership, Boys & Girls Club in Anchorage, United Way of Anchorage, Food Bank of Alaska, etc.

PAOA is well known of their volunteer services and partnership with the community. PAOA belived in understanding each culture and way of life, brings understanding to our diverse City of Anchorage a sence of belonging.

Our goal is to make a difference in your life and those around us, so don't just stand on the sideline get engaged in your community or call us today if you live in or near the Anchorage, AK area and wish to speak to one of our board members.  PAOA always looking for new members, to apply for membership easily complete the Membership form and send it by email to the address on the application.

Fa'afetai, Mahalo to your service